ugh i love bates motel. this second season is sooo good. seriously if you like twisted things, give it a try. plus vera farmiga is in it and she completely makes the show. (you can never go wrong with vera farmiga.)

while i was away

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im nothing without my dreams and this is why i must make them all true

If you haven’t heard of Marina Diamandis, she’s a life changing woman. She’s a genius and the only person who keeps me happy nowadays.

I’ve lived a lot of different lives,
been different people many times.
I live my life in bitterness,
and fill my heart with emptiness.

No I don’t wanna be saved,
I’m not asking for that,
I prefer to be brave,
And fill myself with things,
That I know will just,
Fuck with my head.

women, men, and inbetweens,

why don’t you just stop dieting?

go bake! eat cake! go cheer! drink beer!

worrying is b-b-b-oring

my interests have changed so much lately.. ive decided to blog more though because i love all of you :) x

wow I haven’t been on in forever :/

its my problem if i wanna pack up and run away,

its my business if i feel the need to smoke and drink and sway

its my problem, its my problem, if i feel the need to hide

and its my problem if i have no friends and feel i want to die